Information Supply Chain Management

What Do Information Supply Chain Managers Do?

What We Do

Business networks constantly evolve as technology and business needs evolve. What was yesterday’s cutting edge is today’s legacy relic. Integration is one of the primary challenges facing business today. With today’s rapidly evolving standards, it’s not enough to buy best of breed and manually manipulate date between them.

Today’s information supply chain is broader than the four walls of your business. Relationships with key vendors and high value customers must be considered. Seamless information exchange must occur in order to maximize your business potential. It takes more than throwing it over the wall to your “IT Guys.” It takes a broad, business based view.

Information Supply Chain Managers are knowledgeable in the process of turning data into information (patterns within the data), and then turning the information into knowledge (patterns within patterns), and finally delivering it to the organization in a way that positively influences organizational wisdom (understanding principles).

Information Supply Chain Managers are not necessarily technical experts, such as programmers, database administrators, etc. In fact, the information supply chain may not be automated. But, in today’s world that is rare.

These managers are more business oriented in nature and understand the value of the various points in the information supply chain. For example, they are able to weigh the cost of data acquisition to the final return on investment when delivered to the organization.

Information Supply Chain Managers evaluate the supply chain and seek to streamline and improve the efficiency, cost, and quality of product delivered to the organization. In summary, their mission is to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time and cost.

SonnetSoft’s mission is to provide products and services that aid Information Supply Chain Managers in meeting the goals of their mission. Contact us to see how we can help you meet your mission!